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       Welcome To Saurashtra Solid Industries Pvt. Ltd. Manufacturer of Precipitated calcium carbonate & Allied Fine Chemicals.  

    Saurashtra Solid Industries Pvt. Ltd.
    is a manufacturer of Precipitated Calcium Carbonate since 2001. Precipitated Calcium Carbonate is manufactured in different grades to suite the requirements of user industries like Toothpaste, Paper, Paint, Pharmaceuticals, Detergent Powder, Rubber etc.

    The grades are usually differentiated on the basis of physical properties like, fineness of particles, bulk density, crystal structure and chemical properties like Ph, Purity as Calcium Carbonate other impurities levels like Iron, Lead, Arsenic, Chloride, Fluoride etc.

    Precipitated Calcium Carbonate has always been in great demand because of being valuable filler in many industries. Saurashtra Solid Industries Pvt. Ltd. is capable of matching requirement of any industry, we even offer customized grades as per the requirements of customers.

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