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Precipitated Calcium Carbonate is used by the chewing gum, powder drinks and wine manufacturers.

The chewing gum manufacturers uses it as a calcium supplement as a mold release material where as powder drinks manufacturers uses it to neutralize excess acid in the food. The Wine manufacturers use Precipitated Calcium Carbonate as a filtration aid. Precipitated Calcium Carbonate increases the nutrition ingredient and puff in food and makes them taste better. For use in the food industry, the heavy metals like Pb, As, Hg, Fe etc. should be controlled below prescribed standards. It is also used as a source of calcium supplement in backing products.

Specifications of Food Grade: 

Chemical Properties




CaCO3 % by Weight

99.5 0.25

Lead as pb

2 ppm Max.

Copper as Cu

2 ppm Max.

Arsenic as As

10 ppm Max.

Sulphate as SO4

0.2% Max.

Soluble alkali as Na2O

0.35% Max.

Silica as SiO2

125 ppm Max.

Iron as Fe

20 ppm Max.

Matter insoluble in HCL

0.003% Max.


9.5 0.5


100 ppm Max.

Chloride as Cl

20 ppm Max.

Magnesium as MgO

0.04% Max.

Flouride as F

20 ppm Max.



Physical Properties





96 Min.

Crystal Structure


Water Absorption

50 to 55 ml/100 gm

Oil Absorption

30 to 35 ml/100 gm

Loss on Drying at 105o C

0.5% Max.

Specific Gravity

2.6 to 2.9

Bulk Density

0.60 to 0.70 gm/ml

Average Particle Size

6 to 8 μm

Residue on 300 mess

0.2% Max.













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