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       Welcome To Saurashtra Solid Industries Pvt. Ltd. Manufacturer of Precipitated calcium carbonate & Allied Fine Chemicals.  


    SA 100:
      PRODUCT NAME     SA 100 ( Bleach Activator )
      NATURE OF PRODUCT     Strong Oxidizing Agent
      BENEFITS     Improves final Paper Brightness and Quality by Controlling colour Reversion Problem.
      APPLICATION     Fur Pulp and Paper Industries to Control Colour Reversion Problem i.e. to Reduce Brightness Difference of Pulp and final Paper.
      DOSE     25 Kg./ 100 Tone of Pulp Production
      SAFETY     >> Use Rubber Hand Gloves and Wear Safety Glasses
    >> In Case of Leakage, Dilute it with Water
    >> In Case of Contact with Skin / Eye, Wash it with Plenty of Water
    >> Contact your Physician if Required
      STORAGE     Keep it Away from Heat, Direct Sun Light and Combustible Material
      PACKING     30 Kgs. or 50 Kgs. HDPE Carboys
    Appearance Clear Transparent Liquid
    pH Max 2.5
    Sp. Gravity 1.12 to 1.14
    Hydrogen Peroxide 4 - 6 %
    Miscibility Easily Miscible with H2O2 & Water
      SMELL     Strong Acidic

    HP 100:
      PRODUCT NAME     Stable HP 100 (Bleach Activator)
      BENEFITS     >> Reduce H2O2 Consumption by up to 20 %
    >> Usage of  H2O2 Stabilizer can be Stopped
    >> Improves Brightness of Pulp & Paper
    >> Avoid Brightness Reversion Problem of Paper
    >> DTPA Usage can be Stopped
    >> Improves Storage & Process safety
    >> Corrosion Protection of Aluminum tanks & Pipe Line
      REACTIONS     Mixing Stable HP 100 with H2O2 Prior to use will Increase Selective Reaction to Generate More Active Oxygen Supply during the H2O2 Bleach Step and it will avoid free Oxygen Generation During the H2O2 Bleaching Step.
    Useful Reaction :
    H2O2 + Stable HP 100 → H2O + [0]
    Above Selection Can Be Made More Selective.
    Unwanted Reaction :
    2H2O2 Without Stable HP 100 → 2H2O + O2 + Δ H
    Above Reaction can be Optimized by Using Stable HP 100
      SAFETY     Use Rubber Hand Gloves and Wear Safety Glasses
      STORAGE     Keep it Away from Heat and Light,
      DOSE     2.3 - 3.0 Kg /tone of  H2O2 (50%) Depends on Type of Oxidation Bleaching Process.
    Appearance Opaque White
    pH Max 4.0
    Sp. Gravity 1.15 to 1.20
    Hydrogen Peroxide 10 - 30 % w/w
    Miscibility Easily Miscible with H2O2 & Water
      USER     All Leading Pulp and Paper Industries of India are Using our Product. User's Reference List Can be Provided on Request

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